Boy Bastiaens

shapes & things exhibition

After Amsterdam, Cape Town, Aruba and Istanbul, SALON/ blessed the city of Maastricht (NL) with its presence in the summer of 2012. SALON/ is an Amsterdam-based platform which stimulates crossovers between art, design and fashion in which young and more established talents join forces. Curated by Gijs Stork, Manon Schaap and Cathal McKee the exhibition was organised in collaboration with Marres, NaiM/Bureau Europa and FASHIONCLASH. Over 50 participants occupied 17 unusual locations spread throughout the city.

One of these rare spots were the attics of the Maastricht Central Station. Multiple, abandoned spaces hosted under the roof of the station which was build a century ago by architect G.W. van Heukelom. Selected as one of the exhibitors at this amazing location, Boy Bastiaens presented ‘Shapes & Things ’ 6 form studies out of his digital sketchbook. The visual output of happy accidents and accessible look at the role of coincidence and bits of inspiration.

Salon/Maastricht / Central Station attic, 2012, Pauline van Dongen, Boy Bastiaens, Antoine Peters


Airfellow, 2008, digital print, 84.1 x 119 cm


Blinkered by habit, (quotation, Alan Fletcher) 2010, digital print, 84.1 x 119 cm


Salon/Maastricht / Central Station attic, 2012, Boy Bastiaens


B, 2008, digital print, 84.1 x 119 cm


MC Illyes, 2008, digital print, 84.1 x 119 cm


Salon/Maastricht / Central Station back attic, 2012, Boy Bastiaens


B, 2012, digital print, 84.1 x 119 cm


Wake up your eyes, 2008, digital print, 84.1 x 119 cm


Salon/Maastricht/ Central Station attic, 2012, Boy Bastiaens




SALON/Maastricht Participants:

Boy Bastiaens, Felix Baumsteiger, Mattijs van Bergen, Ingo Binder, Frank Bruggeman, Liesbet Busshe, Martin Butler, Pauline van Dongen, Marius Op ’t Eynde, FANTASTICMAN & the gentlewoman, John Franzen, Conny Groenewegen, Brian Geradts, Esther de Groot, Norbert Grunschel, Gabriel Guevara, Desiree Hammen, Mona Hadinejad, Kaspar Hamacher, Koen Hauser, Petra Herzog, Ernst van der Hoeven, Marcha Huskes, Sidi el Karchi, Gem Kingdom, Maryam Kordebacheh, Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters, Bas Kosters, LAND, Fabian Landewee, Lernert & Sander, Jonas Loellmann, Valentin Loellmann, Linda Maissan, Zorah Murad, Noman, Maurer United, Min Oh, Edwin Oudshoorn, Painted, Antoine Peters, Branko Popovic, Nika Rams, Vivian Sassen, Christoph Seyferth, Fabian von Spreckelsen, Ellen Truijen, Anouk Vogel, Femke de Vries, Vroonland, Marga Weimans, Hyun Yue, youasme measyou.

The title ‘Shapes & Things’ is taken from a quote by Barney Bubbles, the most audacious record sleeve designer of the 1970s and early 1980s. ‘I spent two years wondering, ’Should I paint?’ instead of just painting,’  He told Dave Fudger in the 1981 The Face interview. ‘I suddenly realised that what I am doing is painting!’  It’s only bits of Letraset, but still shapes and things’.

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