Boy Bastiaens

next im dschungel accidental poetry

'Quite a large part of my work goes into the experiment. it is a playground for breaking away from routine, harvesting ideas and learn something new'.

Next Im Dschungel Des Geschmacks is a small autonomous project that plays with the 'criteria of aesthetics' and is the result of an offbeat process guided by coincidence.


It all started with the idea of the development of a series of organic, decorative ceramic pottery-like letters.


Embracing imperfection, the forms came about by experimenting with bitmap and pixel based drawing programs (no 3D software). Applying filters with no real concept or plan and inviting accidents into the creative process.


The selection found amorphous forms included a number of readable characters that could serve their purpose as ornamental display letter.


A classic single page layout was set up to see how the arrangement and style treatment of elements would work together.


The experiment with letters and words took a surprising turn when the unimaginative 'lorem ipsum' dummy text was replaced by a text build up by a random selection book titles taken from the studio library.


Unfolding the entire project slowly into an exercise of 'accidental poetry'. Dreamy and hallucinatory, equally beautiful and sometimes even quite profound, 2010

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