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Download Case Study (PDF 6.2MB)  The Atelier LaDurance case study is about the development of a unique identity for a denim label. Designed from a very practical point and the kind of logical simplicity you'll find deeply rooted into the French aesthetic of every day. Multi-awarded for brand strength and innovative packaging.

Download Case Study (7,4 MB)     Australian Homemade has an authentic, natural image. The product is regarded as cool. What started with two brand experience shops in the Netherlands has grown into a worldwide franchise formula with stores in Europe, the United States and Asia.

Download Case Study (4,7 MB)    Digital masterclass by visual designer Albert Kiefer who used to work on several projects for Pepe Jeans London. Determining the final appearance of an image to an extremely high degree. Visualizing pure craftmanship and redefining the expressive pose.




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