Boy Bastiaens & Albert Kiefer

advanced products brand identity

Between 1998 and 2001 Boy Bastiaens was commissioned to redesign and artdirecting the Pepe Jeans London brand identity. Working in a very close collaboration with Shari Lee Gumbs and Trevor Lough from the  inhouse graphic department. For the Advanced Product campaigns StormHand partner Albert Kiefer worked in a close collaboration with Dutch photographer Bart Oomes. Visualizing pure craftmanship and redefining the expressive pose.

The 2000 pan-European print campaign was built around the idea of a technical ‘exploded view’ image.

All components were shot on a human stand-in...

...which was digitally removed from every image before integration into the final composite.

In order to the client’s response to use ‘models’ showing the garmens, the 2001 Advanced Products campaign was based upon expressive poses.

Working the other way around, extensive digital sketchwork was prepared in finding unique angles and powerful stances for the shots to be taken.

Only Ivo and Tamar, two professional dancers, seemed to be able to stay in the frozen dynamic pose for an extreme long time while Bart Oomes was shooting 16 photo’s within a complete circle of 360 degrees around each of them.

As the idea was risen, to shoot some extra footage from the fixed poses, serving their purposes of keyframes for two 15 seconds moving tags.


That have been used as a bumper on MTV and for line launch presentations to the international markets.


The models shoes had a digital cosmetic make-over. Designing non excisting footwear and preventing the images for turning out as sneaker ads.

However, Pepe Jeans London received from their Italian distributer a serious inquiry about the selling points of the shoes.

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