Boy Bastiaens

branding design exhibition

'Branding' featured identity projects by Boy Bastiaens and work made over the years with friends.

Like visual designer Albert Kiefer with whom Bastiaens joins forces under the name StormHand since 1993.

And Kim Zwarts who has received international recognition as photographer on architecture books.

The retrospect was about the joy of making things as well as closer looks from different angles.

Anticipating through communication in bespoke forms of visual expression.

And giving an insightful view into unique graphic languages that were developed over the years.

The accessible exhibition was displayed in the multifunctional Centre Céramique, Maastricht, Netherlands.

Welcoming expo visitors and making a constant stream of passers-by stop in their tracks.

While checking out examples of popular culture that come from an array of different genres.

Experiencing playfulness and the freedom of imagination.

By imagery and a demonstrative ordering of the environment.

The show, composed with great care, offered a unique opportunity to become intimately with the work.

Through enticing solutions to the problem of presenting graphic design's complexities to the public.

Bringing out the links between ideas, creation and production in a deliberate way.

Illustrating design as communication tool within a problem solving process...

... and the many solutions that were found over the past 25 years

Photography: Kim Zwarts     Portrait Albert Kiefer: Hans Rietveld
Exhibition Design: StormHand / SDF Works

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