Albert Kiefer

zeeuws meisje virtual city

'In the mid nineties I did a couple of 3D presentations for Apple Computer Benelux promoting the new PowerMac. Some weeks later I received a call if I could build a virtual city. Since that would be both a great creative and technical challenge, I told I'd love to work on that'.


Zeeuws Meisje is a seven episode television series targeted towards children in the age group of six to twelve year olds. The progessive TV station VPRO was responsible for production in 1995.

Zeeuws Meisje is a local dutch heroine who fights evil in the country of the Netherlands that, due to a massive traffic jam has become completely congested.

People have decide to leave their overgrown cities and started to live in the abandoned cars that have flooded the streets.

The series was aired for the first time in the Netherlands in 1997 and has had several re-runs over the past ten years.

The series makes extensive use of 3D graphics to a scale that was never seen before, or even after this production to this date. It was a very ambitious project certainly with the limited power of computers in these days.

I have overseen the design of the whole city and it's looks and have done all the production and planning for the 3D modeling and animation of all the shots needed for the seven episodes.

This meant careful planning as to not immediately bog down the 'renderfarm' of only three PowerMacs equipped with only 512Mb ram each.

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