Boy Bastiaens & Albert Kiefer

simple promotional stormhand trailer

SIMPLE is a rapid display of a sequence of Photoshop and Illustrator images combined with bits and pieces of sound sampled into music. This self initiated project made by Boy Bastiaens in 2002 is actually the 2nd promotional StormHand trailer. And is just like Albert Kiefer’s KICKBOXER about the phenomenon ‘seeing and knowing’. Second out of a series ‘StormHand’ trailers, through which the designers Albert Kiefer and Boy Bastiaens conveyed their image to prospective and former clients, professional collegues and friends.

Boy Bastiaens' StormHand trailer was selected to contribute in the IdN ‘Branding Isue - BRAND EVERYTHING’ - ‘Show us some ID, Please’, DVD, 2010


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