Albert Kiefer

albert kiefer identity

Albert Kiefer is fascinated by the language of shapes, their transformations and how light and materials enables them to articulate a vocabulary of their own. "It is all about achieving, not quite sure where its heading and getting surprised at the end. Mostly that's where the best work comes from. There is no such thing as a mistake, digital tools allow you to learn a lot from unexpected coicindences that happen at places where you weren't supposed to look. I love to play, I hope it shows "

Equipped with trained eyes and communication skills, graphic designers usually send critical messages about themselves and how they would like to be perceived by others.

For his stationary and press related items Albert Kiefer uses always a different image of his still ongoing ‘Glass Anemones' project. Completely in tune with an constanly changing world this ’logo’ alters a unique graphic identity at any oppertunity, 2008.

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