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Albert Kiefer

from the vault digital archives

From the vault presents a selection of early StormHand work made not long after Albert Kiefer and Boy Bastiaens met and decided to join forces on collaborative projects.

Graphic- and exhibition booth concept  for Apple Computer Australia. Commissioned by Globe International Expo, Sydney Australia, 1993 (not executed)

Front- and backcover of BLADArt, the special edition hard cover 'season greetings' book that contained 52 images from international illustrators, photographers and designers collected from the BLAD editions, 1994

Character development for an Ericsson mobile phone animation. Commissioned by creative director Tore Claesson of Anderson & Lembke, Amsterdam, 1995. Published in: Character Design, Pie Books, Japan, 2002

Space age ocarina shaped remote control that uses the 4 different symbols of the StormHand logo for navigating through the digital portfolio on the StormHand 0.1 CD, 1995

The StormHand 0.2 portfolio CD introduces the rechargeable 9V transistor CPU battery as an alternative powersource. Small is beautiful. New clients and new projects, 1997

StormHand CD packaging. Black on black thermography artwork. Off-the-shelf matt gold cd’s without any print. or logo. Standard crystal clear CD case. Waste paper misprint wrap. Simple and effective,1995

A visit to the do-it-yourself-shop was for Albert Kiefer the inspiration for designing the move announcement of his studio, 1999  Published in: New Postcard Graphics Series / Event Postcard Design, Pie Books, Japan, 2001

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