Promoting Fashion 08 09 2018


Laurence King’s latest publication Promoting Fashion by Barbara Graham and Caline Anouti is an invaluable guide for fashion students and professionals that wish to explore the marketing of fashion concepts. Covering advertising campaigns; communicating the brand message: sales promotion and more. We are extremely honored to be part of this great book. Moreover as our featured case, the rebranding of Pepe Jeans London, is about 20 years old but endured the test of time. Or as the editors described it in their own words: ‘Billboards, posters and even retail shelves were placed in unlikely and often visually chaotic situations. Printed packaging pioneered the use of non-recognition photography, where the focus is on the product rather than the model’s appearance. Lookbooks included artist’ thoughts on what denim and the brand meant to them. The concept of ’new’ was delivered using cool, industrial, cutting-edge yet fun and immersive objects and imagery’


Promoting Fashion, Laurence King Publishers, United Kingdom, ISBN: 9781786272157



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