Modern Heraldry: Volume 1 26 05 2020


'Modern Heraldry' Volume 1 and Volume 2 by Leterme Dowling is a comprehensive and profusely illustrated guide to more than 350 modern trademarks, based on heraldic symbology, from all over the world. The designs are grouped under category headings chosen for their heraldic connotations: shields, crests, stamps, seals, laurels, flags and crowns.  Modern Heraldry' volume 1 features the work of Anagrama, Atipus, Bielke+Yang, Olle Eksell, Toko, Paris+Hendzel Studio, dn&co., Firmalt, Tsto, Werklig, Greenspace and many more. It is a great honor to be included in Volume 1 with the Atelier LaDurance Fleur-De-Lys logo and the stylized symbol that is both pine cone and heraldic shield, designed for the estate of the Wouwse Plantage forest. 


Modern Heraldry Volume 1 by Leterme Dowling for Counter-Print, United Kingdom. ISBN 978-0-9570816-7-3




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