Letters As Symbols 22 02 2019


Paul Ibou (1939) designed during his career more than 350 logos & symbols and is one of the important pioneers in modern graphic design. Next to his design activities he published numerous books on symbols and logo's. In 1991 he built the foundations of the book Letters As Symbols: the concept, the cover and the basic layout. The book was never released and remained untouched for decades until young graphic designer Christophe De Pelsemaker and Paul Ibou established a collaboration in 2017. Paul Ibou acquired an enormous amount of logos through submission forms that were sent to him by the leading logo and brand identity designers of that time like Saul Bass, Burton Kramer, Anton Stankowski, Yasaburo Kuwayama, Ken Cato, Paul Ibou, Wim Crouwel and many more. Letters As Symbols, contains logos from these submissions and was completed with contemporary work. It is a great honor to be included in this amazing publication with 3 logo’s: Karl Lagerfeld, Taskers and Jettson (which is also on the cover). Order your copy of Letters as Symbols here



Letters as Symbols, Christophe De Pelsemaker & Paul Ibou, Stockmans Art Books, Belgium, ISBN: 9789077207642

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