Boy Bastiaens & Albert Kiefer

claus en kaan architects website

'Architecture is making it possible for others to perceive what the architect conceived in its purest and most direct state’. (Felix Claus)

‘Architecture can only move forward by accepting its social context. Architects can only exercise influence if they accept the realities of the context on which they depend in order to construct’. (Kees Kaan)

Two statements from the principals of Claus en Kaan Architects. With offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Architectural photographer Kim Zwarts works on a regular base for the architects. In May 2001 he was asked by Claus en Kaan to create a limited edition booklet, being the new years gift for their business relations.

Kim proposed the idea to Felix Claus and Kees Kaan of transforming the booklet into a digital document. And to do so in a collaborationship with Boy Bastiaens and Albert Kiefer.

With an open brief as starting point the first Claus en Kaan website became known as an outstanding portrait about architecture in its context.

Documented from a conceptual departing point. Where materials, sketches, screenshots, notes, publications and work situations, assign an equal amount of attention as initial building projects.           

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